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Electrical Outlet Cord Holder
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A simple solution....
The Cordlet is a small plastic cord holder that screws into any common electrical outlet. It replaces the standard screw that holds the outlet cover into place. Once installed, the Cordlet holds the outlet cover in place, but most importantly - Keeps You Plugged In!

By installing a Cordlet, various electrical cords are more difficult to be accidently disconnected.

It is designed to help hold:

Vacuum Cleaner Cords

Extention Cords

Electrical Tool Cords

Industrial Cords

Any similar electrical cords!

If you've ever used a vacuum, you are used to the cord coming out after you've gone just a little to far. The Cordlet helps keep you plugged in.

If you use outdoor electrical tools, such as a chainsaw or trimmer, you know how annoying it is to have the cord come out when your 100 or 200 feet away. With the Cordlet, you don't have to walk back each time to plug it back in.

If you've ever lost data when your computer cord or surge protector became unplugged, the Cordlet keeps you plugged in, and your computer turned on.

If you're a general contractor, you want your employees to be able to keep working. The Cordlet keeps their tools plugged in.
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